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Riverdance - Review

Shortly after I have seen Lord of the Dance on TV and before I had purchases the LOTD video, Riverdance was aired. First I thought that was the same show that I had seen only a few days ago, but I soon realized that this show is different. Different stage, different music, different dancers - BUT also great Irish Dancing!.

Riverdance is certainly an outstanding show! In many numbers Michael Flatley's influence still can be seen - he was responsibly for the coreography of most of the Irish Dance parts (except the numbers that were added after he left the show of course). Like many of the other shows, one has to see Riverdance live and enjoy the atmosphere in the venue, when thousands of people are cheering and yelling.

The video that is aired regularly, is a shortened version of that video that was recorded at Radio City Music Hall, New York City. Colin Dunne and Jean Butler are the principal dancers. It is available as DVD and VHS video. The original video with Flatley - as far as I know - is not sold anymore (well, itīs pretty hard to find it at least).

There is only one thing that I personally did not like very much: besides the Irish Dancing there is a variety of other dance forms, like Flamenco or Russian ballet. Thatīs not quite what I want to see, because I am just crazy about Irish Dancing (although I must admit that especially the Russians were excellent!). For people who like dance in general, this will probably an advantage, because they get to see a bigger variety of dance forms and the main theme is still Irish.

My recommendation: go and see the show live! Certainly an evening youīll never forget!


All images used by kind permission of Riverdance.

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