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In dieser Kategorie sind Biographien der Macher und Haupttänzer zu finden.

Bill Whelan - Composer

Bill Whelan was a well known composer in Ireland before Riverdance. His credits include arrangements for U2, Van Morrison, Kate Bush or The Dubliners. He also did a lot of work for film and theatre, like arrangements for "Some Mother's Son" and "Dancing at Lughnasa". 1994 he composed the music for Riverdance. For the Riverdance - The Show CD he was awarded with a Grammy in 1997. The Riverdance album received various gold and platinum awards all over the world.

Moya Doherty - Producer

Moya Doherty conceived Riverdance in 1994, only four years after she was trained as a station producer.. Moya was born Donegal and later moved to Dublin. While she was working for RTE as production assistant, she took a course in Classical and Shakespearean Acting and directing. Working for RTE, she took part in several TV productions like "After Nine", "The Silent Scream" or "The Live Arts".

John McColgan - Director

John McColgan is one of the most successful directors for entertainment programs and is director of Tyrone Productions. Since becoming a director in 1974, he produced various programmes like "Murphy's Amercia" and "Murphy's Australia" documentaries. He received the Jabob's Award for "the cobsistently high quality of his entertainment programming". He played a key role in developing the original 7 minute dance number into a full show. He also directed the recording for the first Riverdance - The Show video, which is the best-ever selling video in the world.


Principal Dancers - Liffey Company

Breandán de Galleí

Breandán was born in Gaoth Dobhair, Co. Donegal. He grew up in a region, that was rich of Irish music and culture. That´s why he did not only learn to dance, but also learned to play the flute, the violin and the tin whistle. Breandán won many national Irish Dance titles and on the Gus Giordano Dance Academy in Chicago he he also studied Jazz Danz, American Tap and ballet.

Joanne Doyle

When Riverdance was born in 1994, Dublin born Joanne studied social policies in Ljublijana. Only eight months later she already took part in rehersals for Riverdance - The Show. She started to dance at the age of three and won several bronce, silver and gold medals at Irish and World Championships. She first danced a lead role in London, 1996. 


Principal Dancers - Lagan Company

Michael Patrick Gallagher

Michael was still going to school when he first saw Riverdance on TV - now he´s a principal dancer of the Lagan Company. He had a academic career ahead of him when he auditioned for Riverdance in 1996. He started dancing with six and already won his first World Championship with eleven. After that he won many national and British titles and another World Championship.

Tara Barry

Tara, born in Cobh, Co. Cork,  followed the example of her mother and started to dance at the Cowhie Ryan School of Irish Dancing in Cobh when she was three. During her competitive career she won many titles, including nine Munster Championships, six All Ireland, two British and two World titles. She´s already been with the show since its premiere in Dublin.


Principal Dancers - Shannon Company

Pat Roddy

Already Pat's parents were well know dancers from Dundalk, Co. Louth. Pat started dancing with four and like all the other lead dancers, he won various titles, including several World titles. Pat's sister is following his footsteps and is a member of one of the other Riverdance troupes. Pat has been with the show since the premiere at the Point Theatre in Dublin.

Eileen Martin

Eileen first dance the lead role in the Wang Centre in Boston in 1997, but has been with the show since the beginning. Together with her dance partner Colin Dunne she managed to fascinate their audience already at her first performance - they got a 15 minute standing ovation that night. She started dancing with four and won her first World title with 12.


Reference: Riverdance press kit, available on the  official website.
All images used by kind permission of Riverdance.


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