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Lord of the Dance - Kritik

First contact - The Video

Like many other fans I first saw Lord of the Dance on TV - only the last minute of it! Even this last minute of the show already made me addicted. Iīve already liked American Tap Dance before I had my first encounter with Irish Dance, but what I saw there on TV was just outstanding: great music, Irish Step Dance and even some pretty attractive (female) dancers. After some research on the internet I already held my copy of LOTD in my hands. This video is already completely worn out... I just watched it way too often. Thank God that there are DVDs!

In the video the lead dancers are Michael Flatley, Daire Nolan, Bernadette Flynn, Gillian Norris and Helen Egan. Musicians are the beautiful Cora Smyth and Mairead Nesbitt and singer Anne Buckley. Many of those leades can still be seen in LOTD Troupe One (except MF and Gillian Norris).

There is only two things I did not like about the video: the video quality is not really the best (even on the DVD) and they did some wild cutting, that means you never see the dancers feet for more than a second. Same on the Feet of Flames Video, but at least the video quality is a lot better. Nevertheless, the video as well as the CD are a MUST have for fans.

Even better - Live and in Colour

28th of April 1999, Munich, Olympia Hall: My first live show. I had to wait half a year to finally see the show live. Flatley had already left the troupe quite a while ago and the leads that night were Desmond Bailey, Thomas Cunningham, Dearbhla Lennon und Kelly Hendry. First I was not very happy that I didnīt see Bernadette and Gillian, but after 5 minutes I didnīt care anymore. Most of the other leads are just as good as the original ones.

The atmosphere during a live show is just unbelievable. Lighting, sound effects and also pyros - spectacular! After every number hell broke lose - usually the audience is really great. If you havenīt seen the show live yet - go and see it! I can only recommend it. Iīve seen the show 12 times since April '99 (twice in Las Vegas) and I went to Epcot in 2000 and saw 16 "Best of" shows performed by Lord of the Dance troupe one - no, Iīm not addiced :-)

You can find up to date tourdates on the website of the Celtic Cafe:
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