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Lord of the Dance


History of the Show

After Michael Flatley left Riverdance, he started working on his own show right away: Lord of the Dance. On the 2nd of July 1996 the show opened at the Point Theatre in Dublin. Critics said the show would never be a big success like Riverdance - they were wrong! After a short time it was clear that Lord of the Dance would be a huge success with sold out venues all over the world.

At the moment there are three Lord of the Dance troupes captivating the World. Troupe One still consists of many of the original dancers (e.g. Bernadette Flynn) and is mainly touring Europe, but they´ve also been in Japan, South Africa and the USA last year (2000). Troupe Two is travelling around North America again after an extended run in Biloxi, Mississippi. Troupe Three is the youngest existing troupe and permanently performing at the New York New York Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a short time there was even a Troupe Four, with members of all the other troupes, that performed four "Best of" shows a day in the American Gardens Theater at Walt Disney World, Florida in 1999.

On the 25th of July 1998 Flatley temporarly said "Good Bye" to his fans in London. There he staged an enhanced version of Lord of the Dance: Feet of Flames. More dancers, new music and a gigantic stage (at the end of the show, the troupe danced on FOUR levels!). 25.000 people watched the spectacle and it was also filmed (see CD and video)

Speaking of the music. It was composed and arranged by Ronan Hardiman. Most of the music is based on traditional tunes (like Lord of the Dance, Our Wedding Day, Carrickfergus, etc.), but they don´t really sound traditional or even old fashioned. "Absolutly thrilling!" would describe it better.

Michael Flatley started touring with a new version of Feet of Flames. It´s pretty different compared to the original and therefore I have a separate section on that show. You can find it in the "Shows area" of this website.


Actually there is not much to tell about the storyline. The show is basically about the fight of Good vs Evil. The main characters of the good guys are The Lord of the Dance, Saoirse (The Irish Collen) [pronounced: Seer-sha] and The Little Spirit. Fighting for the bad guys are Don Dorcha (The Dark Lord) and Morrighan (The Temptress). Of course every party has its own "army", "The Warriors" (evil) and "The Warlords" (good). There are also two fantastic fiddlers and a beautiful singer (Erin the Goddess). I don´t think I´d reveal too much if I told you that the good guys win. 

A detailed list with the single numbers is to be found here.

CD and Video

Of course there are CDs available for both Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames (HP). The video is available as VHS or DVD version for Lord of the Dance. Feet of Flames is available as VHS NTSC, but the DVD is only available in PAL region 2.

Máiréad Nesbitt's new album to be released on August 6, 2001. Find out more HERE.

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