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Gaelforce Dance - Story and Content


Not like many of the others Shows, Gaelforce Dance has a real storyline. Gaelforce tells the story of two lovers, Lorcan (Timmy Manners) and Aisling (Clare Casey, who left the show recently). Lorcan's older brother Cuan (Breandan Scullion) has married his childhood love Aisling, but Aisling desires her husband's brother. Lorcan comes home for the wedding and is accompanied by the beautiful Rhiannon (Christine Robinson) who loves Lorcan with a fanatic obsession. When Aisling and Lorcan meet in secret they are watched by Rhiannon and the "Storm clouds gather"..


It is not easy to provide a up-to-date listing of all the numbers, because there are changes all the time. The following is the program of the Show during the German tour 2000/2001. The same numbers can also be found on the video.

Act 1: Gaelforce Overture, The Wedding (Axis Mundi), The rhythm of my heart, Men of the fields (Cuan on the land), Ice of Body - Fire of Feet, Pinch of Snuff, After hours, Aisling (the dream), As we journey, In a single moment, Storm clouds gather, As the tide turns, The Black Rose blooms

Act 2: Around the house, Keep it reel, Hopeless love, Wrath descends, Hopeless Dreams, Goltraí (As tears fall), Time heals, Finale (Harmonia Mundi)

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