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Feet of Flames 2000 - Show Report Erfurt


I have written the following show report after the premiere of the Show in Erfurt. Some of the information is not quite up-to-date anymore, but it will give you an idea what the shows is like.


1 Court of the High Kings The Dancers come onstage in Egyptian costumes, the guys dressed as soldiers and the girls as..uhm..I donīt know what that is sopposed to be..very Egyptian. Anne comes on stage too and Helen as "Jester" in her "harlekin"(?) costume..Some guys with golden costumes and masks come on stage (the high kings) and they all start some sort of singing..uhm..sounds quite interesting.. 

2 Firedance The music changes, some of the dancers start dancing very slowly but one cannot see the feet because of the costumes. They left the stage pretty quickly before Michael Flatley comes on stage with some nice pyros..the music sounds quite Irish and after a while the other dancers join him again, very similar to COTC, but I liked COTC better..but Firedance is still a good new piece.. 

3 The Irish Queen - Maghdainn Mara Anne sings the 2nd song of FOF in HP..the Gaelic one. She has a different costume..sheīs great as usual.. 

4 Dance of the Swans Music and coreography are different compared to Celtic Dream, but itīs the same style..softshoe. Itīs a nice new number..not better but also not worse than the original. 

5 Warriors I didnīt notice any new good as always, the costumes have changed a bit though. Not the carmouflage stuff, looked a bit like the original black pants they had in the first video.  Steven Brunning is a good bad guy, although I would have preferred Derek Moran...[after having seen many more shows, I think Steven Brunning is at least as good as Derek! really great!]  

6 Cleopatraīs spell Replaces Gypsy..hmm, this one was also very Egyptian, but the dance was Irish softshoe like. Kristen danced on Friday and Gwenno Saunders on Saturday..the bad girl ist not alone on stage, there are 4 or 5 more "bad girls" from the troupe too. Itīs not bad, but I liked Gypsy better. 

7 Fire Strings The same as in the original FOF. Maireadīs and Coraīs costumes are different..not bad :-). On Saturday when I was sitting in front row Mairead looked in my direction and said "hi"..not sure if she meant me. Wonder if she recognized me..hmmm...well I waved at her and she also got a WOOOHOOO ;-) 

8 Strip Jig Formerly Breakout, nothing really changed there. New costumes, but they are vey similar to the ones in the original FOF.. 

9 Warlords Didnīt notice any changes... 

10 The Irish Queen - Marble Halls Anne sings the first song of FOF in Hyde Park... 

11 Kaleidoscope Thatīs Siamsa. New costumes that I didnīt really like..most of the time itīs pretty dark on stage, except for lots of UV light, so the costumes are kind of glowing in the dark..I didnīt notice any changes in coreography. [This was not Siamsa at the end of the tour anymore - new music, new choreography] 

12 Celtic Fire The Flute Jam. It begins pretty cool with Gerard Fahy and Dave Keary(?) coming on stage and playing on their E-guitars..after that the other musicians come on stage (fiddlers, MF and the bass guitar player) ends with some nice pyros..BANG!..Geeeez, this time they got me..on both days! Jumping Philipp eh! ;-)



1 The High Kings Thatīs High Priests from FOF in HP. But..argh..not the singers from Hyde Park (tis was recorded). I hope the dancers will get some lessons in lip synching before I see them again..hmm 

2 Jesters Capture Thatīs Dangerous Game..same music, but played on an e-guitar. The coreography changed too. Less dancing, but itīs still very good, I liked the ends with a "frozen Jester"..that was an interesting change, although I liked the original version with the broken flute better. 

3 Hells Kitchen I like it when the good guys come on stage, that was pretty different..hmm, ..they kinda "marched" on stage..the rest is almost the same. MF didnīt have to fix a flute, but the rescued the frozen Jester after that number. You could hear that flute piece while he was doing that..(I think that part was called Spiritīs Lament). 

4 Shalamar Bad girl alone on stage, music is the same as in Gypsy, just shorter I was rearranged with different instruments, some sort of flute ..Oh and coreography is different too. The costume was one of the Egypian looking ones. Well, Iīm not quite sure what to think of it..the original Gypsy was better IMO.. 

5 The Swanīs Dream Thatīs MFīs flute solo. The good girl is on stage too.."sleeping" on a pillow. That was a neat change..I liked it. 

6 Thunder&Lightning Thatīs just WOOOOHOOOOO!...Itīs completely new. The music is great and so is the dancing! About 8 good girls start. Then the same number of bad girls comes on stage (while the good ones leave). After that both groups are on stage. It ends with both groups saluting... Itīs a bit like one number in Gaelforce. VERY similar actually.. 

7 The Irish Queen - Carrickfergus Anne favourite song :-) 

8 Stolen Kiss/ Cleopatraīs Spell here comes the part I donīt like at all. It starts like the Stolen Kiss you all know. The music changes when "Cleopatra" comes on stage. Not Irish at all. MF dances with her..remids me a bit of "Dirty Dancing" or Lambada. There are some Flamenco elements too..Well, uh..I didnīt like it at all. Then they change back to the original..hmm, well...itīs VERY UNUSUAL..  

9 Jesterīs Nightmare Bad guys come on stage, and seize MF and Jester. They take MF backstage..and Jester is brought to the scaffold and  The Dark Lord is getting ready for the execution. The music is the same as in the original, but there is no dancing, only shortly before the music stops..

OK, you should NOT read the next part if you want a is kinda surprising ;-)


The Dark Lord is wearing a black mask over his whole head now. After the music stops, itīs getting quite dark on stage and Jester screams. Iīll come back to this part later. Now a really strange music starts, an axe is brought on stage and the bad guy takes in an starts a really weird walk to the scaffold. He raises his axe and BAAAAAAAANG! Another explosion! Jester is surprised and the executioner removes his voilā..itīs Michael. Happy Jester hugs him and the bad guy runs on the stage...and heīs really pi***d off eh ;-)

They did the change when the lights went out and Jester screamed. You can see it, but everyone looks to Jester at that moment, and like I said itīs quite dark on stage..well I didnīt see it LOL, looked somewhere else in both shows..stoopid MOI


If you didnīt read the part above..well, Jester and MF survive. I absolutley didnīt like that piece, it was really bad IMO, and many others had the same opinion..well not the Norwegian ladies, but Ina will tell you that later I guess ;-) 

10 The Duel The Duel starts, same sound effects, and the coreography is almost the same. It is shorter though..end ends with a big BAAAANG again..Good girl comes on stage, kiss..and... 

11 The Vicotory March begins. 

12 Victory I didnīt notice any changes there. As good as usual. The costumes are similar to the one in FOF HP. On Saturday a woman and a little girl brough MF some flowers.. he hugged the little girl..cute :) 

13 Feet of Flames MFīs solo. I didnīt really like that part in the video, but boy this guy is good! Although he was wearing his darned hat again! I really wished he had danced more in the show, instead of doing his boxing stuff again..hmm 

14 Planet Ireland Costumes are a bit different, and they dance on 3 levels at the end. No changes in coreography as far as I noticed


On both days we got two encores. First night Kristen Butke (bad girl) and Kate Gourley (good girl) danced the leads, and on Saturday it was Gwenno Saunders as Cleopatra and Ciara Scott as "Swan"..Steven Brunning was bad guy on both days. The show is a lot different now, and I didnīt like maybe 80% of the changes..I think LOTD or the original FOF are a lot better! They still want to do a lot of changes and we could already see some little differences on Saturday. The problem is not that they made changes at all! Thunder&Lightning was just great as I already said, and if it had replaced Breakout for instance I wouldnīt be too upset about it. Itīs just that..I didnīt like many of the changes, but I already said that..hmm. Well go and see the show yourself. Itīs still a very good show!


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