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The Victory Tour 2001 in the USA
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The first show is already over and the first news about it are coming in. Most of the numbers seem to be pretty much the same as in the FOF 2000 tour, but there have been some music and costume changes. Especially the cast list is very interesting - many dancers are from LOTD T1 that is currently on break are in it. Bernadette Flynn, Leigh Ann McKenna and Steven Brunning danced the leads besides Michael Flatley. Also T1's Lords are in the show: Desmond Bailey, Damien O'Kane and Steven Scariff. Greenville goers also sighted some T2 members and also dancers who where in the FOF 2000 tour. They obviously had some problems with the lighting and pyros...problems that will hopefully not occur during the official premiere in Miami.

There is a very good show report on The Victory Tour at the Celtic Cafe:

Here you can find some nice FOF USA photos:

07/02/2001 - Tragic accident
After having had some technical difficulties in some shows (like at the first show in Greenville), there had almost been an accident with the hydraulic stage, when only parts of it raised. Now a technician has been killed, after he fell down the lighting rig before the show. The show did take place with a 45 minute delay. Letīs hope there wonīt be any serious incidents at the rest of the tour, so that Flatley and his cast can continue the tour safely.

Only THREE more days till the last FOF show in the USA. I have no info what will happen to the show after the end of the US Tour. Some T1 dancers have already returned to Europe.

The FOF Tour is over and Michael Flatley retired from dancing on stage. As a summary of the tour, Iīd like to share a tour report by Jeannie Kaidy with you, who has seen every single show in the USA.. Click here to get to the report...


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